Past National and SA State Childcare Association President and SA State Secretariat - 30th June, 2014

"On a number of occasions over the last 9 years I have engaged the services of Neil Abraham from Abraham Multimedia for both the full development of websites and the management and redevelopment of existing websites at national and state levels. At all times Neil has undertaken this role in a professional and timely manner. All our requests for amendments, changes, additional features have been easily managed and undertaken. All communications via face to face meetings, phone or email have also been professional, positive and open. Our resulting websites have always met our expectations, have looked welcoming and been easy to navigate and manage. I have always recommended him to other businesses and colleagues and would highly recommend him to you.

Anne Clark


Childcare South Australia - 30th May, 2014

Thankyou so much Neil for your remarkably prompt response in the midst of your other commitments.

Kerry Mahony, President (Childcare South Australia)


Living Faith Lutheran Church - 12th May, 2014

Friendly, prompt & super-efficient are the words that come to mind when describing Neil Abraham, Abraham Multimedia.

Before meeting Neil, our website had already been developed, having been re-vamped in mid-2012. Unbeknownst to us this was to be the beginning of a 2 year period of endless problems and difficulties.

Toward the end of last year our website was hacked, not once, but three times over a 2 month period leaving a feeling of vulnerability and frustration. Work productivity decreased as each ‘hacking’ meant a re-set of passwords, informing the congregation of the changes etc.

It certainly became apparent that security of our Joomla website program needed either upgrading or we were looking at starting from scratch with a new program. Knowing that money was tight our preference was to find a local, reputable website manager who utilised the Joomla program.

God answered our prayer almost immediately as a work colleague suggested Neil Abraham. The other amazing blessing is that he utilised Joomla software!!

From the very first time of contact with Neil, until now, he has shown enormous patience, honesty, understanding and promptness. His communication has been ongoing and he is always readily available for contact for any concerns. Neil is ready to share his knowledge in a non-patronising manner and can thankfully share a joke or two along the way!! 

The quick but efficient turnover period in which it took Neil to upgrade our website, host and domain meant no loss of work productivity.

The final outcome of the upgrade is amazing and I feel so much peace now knowing that it is secure and in such capable hands. We highly recommend the services of Abraham Multimedia.

Neil worked above and beyond the average person to make sure all was operating smoothly, always with an HONEST approach. What more could you ask for?

Thanks Neil, we wish you God’s continued blessing in your work.

Stephanie Chambers (Living Faith Lutheran Church, Murrumba Downs)


SA Montessori - Montessori, Management and Mentoring - 2nd May, 2014

Neil and his team at Abraham Multimedia have recently been appointed the administrators of the SA Montessori and Montessori Management & Mentoring websites. The transition from the existing hosts was achieved with minimal disruption to our business and with great efficiency. Any updates that are requested are completed within hours and we feel confident in the security measures Neil has taken to keep our websites protected.

Barbara Langford (SA Montessori) (Montessori, Management and Mentoring)


Sandstone Point Community Association - 2nd May, 2014

Thanks to Abraham Multimedia for sponsorship of the Sandstone Point Community Association Website.  Neil has been generous with his time to create & host our website and train representatives to  maintain basic information updates.  The website is secure and we have had no problems with hacking. His contribution to our Carols by Candlelight publicity through updates on the website has been particularly appreciated. (Sandstone Point CA)


Public Speaking - Presentation Review, Montessori ECEC Conference Gold Coast - 30 March, 2014

Day One Break out session 3 - “Toddler Tech and Preschool Piracy” presented by Neil Abraham

Reviewed by Ian Chapman

The Programme mentioned that this session would highlight some of the potential dangers and hazards of technology today. It did not fail on this statement.

A powerful presentation that most certainly demonstrated a lot of hidden dangers that we may not have considered may occur by simply turning your computer on.

Neil talked about passwords and the need to change them on a regular basis using a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols, if not it would be very easy for someone to access your computer and begin taking your identity.

Online purchases- never store your details online as this can also be accessed, I’m sure we have all had the In app purchase screen pop up, Neil mentioned disabling this system so your children have no access to this and cannot even by mistake buy something.

Who could imagine that webcams can be accessed remotely, on your computer allowing someone to turn it on and take your picture unknown to you? Very scary! The suggestion was to cover your camera over when you are not using it. Neil used a Post It note, how useful are post it notes?

With computers and tablets now making the world more accessible for all ages, I believe Neil’s main point was education and our need as educators to get this information out to families and most importantly highlight to the families and their children the dangers that are present. This was achieved and I’m sure that these dangers will become more prominent as social media options grow and draw the younger generations in.

I am most certainly now more aware of the dangers that lurk inside our technological world and the ease in which someone could steal our identities from us. The presentation made it all appear very scary but highlighted that with education it is also a safe environment.

Thank you Neil, for showing us the hidden dangers that lurk inside computers. 

(Montessori ECEC Conference 2014 Brouchure)


U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Information Programs - 23 May, 2013

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Neil Abraham to your employ.  I worked alongside Neil for several years running in his capacity as the media specialist who set up the White House Press Filing Centers at the APEC, ASEAN, G8 Summits and presidential visits around the world and can attest to the fact that he has rendered extraordinary service to the U.S. Department of State.

Neil also did yeoman’s service in recent years by serving as our man in Asia for Adobe CO.NX programs (digital video conferencing with web chats).  Because of Neil’s hard work, dedication and skill, our social media campaigns with audiences in Asia experienced measurable success.

Speaking as someone who has worked on a lot of summits, I would say that you cannot find a better candidate than Neil when it comes to creating media packs, drafting talking points, answering questions from media, and pre-positioning media throughout the event.  I spent 25 years working with the State Department in East Asia and I've seen him in action during the many important multilateral meetings on both sides of the Pacific.  I can only imagine what a great job he’d do for his own country.

To sum up, I recommend Neil to your employ without reservation. 

Robert F. Holden (U.S. Dept of State, IIP)


U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Information Programs, CO-NX - 29 August, 2012

It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation on behalf of Neil Abraham. I am well acquiainted with Neil’s skills in the areas of New Media, webstreaming, live program management, VIP support, and professional judgenment. Neil’s contributions made a real and lasting impact on our operations.

He is a strong candidate to support your operations during the Group of 20 meetings.

IIP is a Public Diplomacy entity charged with developing innovative electronic program tools to support U.S. Foreign Policy objectives. IIP is on the forefront of utilizing new media to engage, influence, and inform overseas audiences about American policies, values, and society. Neil filled a critical position helping the Bureau and the Department support its dipolomatic missions in the East Asia and Pacific region and elsewhere.

  • Neil is deeply familiar with advance work having assisted in the setup of White House Press Filing Centers for presidential and Secretarial-level visits to major global summits like APEC, G8, and ASEAN.
  • Neil has produce high-level webchats for the Secretary such as his visit to Malaysia where he worked closely with Malaysian National TV and venue staff to provide a live broadcast to national media including establishing links to two remote audiences for additional live questions and a stream the final output to a global audience via the internet.
  • In 2011, Neil travelled Beijing to produce the Ambassador’s webcast with Chinese bloggers that reached a potential audience of over 600 million people and he subsequently travelled to Washington where he assisted producing webcasts for World Press Freedom Day.
  • Neil provides daily support for U.S. diplomatic missions across the EAP and SCA regions. In support of Mission Kabul he recently produced several bilingual webchats for Afghans on "Identifying IEDs", "How to Prevent Corruption in Afghanistan" and "Preventing Violence Against Women?"

Neil will be an asset for you.

Mark Betka, Program Manager (U.S. Dept of State, IIP/CO.NX)




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